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Tattoo Course

Our basic Tattoo Training in Delhi is a certified and professional programme for all ages who dreams to become a tattoo artist. The course curriculum is carefully drafted by experts to not only learn on tattooing but also to help individual become self-employed. People of all ages and sex can become a professional tattoo artist post undergoing our fast track basic course.

The staffs, trainers and subjects covered are benchmarked to global standards of tattoo courses and recognized to be the best in the industry. More focus in offered on hands on training and to treat customers sensibly and maturely. The subjects covered under the Fast Track Basic Tattooing Course are novel and is end-to-end. This includes learning aimed mainly at improving practical knowledge, skillset and ways and means to deploy the knowledge in innovative outcomes.

Getting a course from Tattoo School in Delhi undertaken with our specialized experts offers the following opportunities :

  • Ready to create and draw tattoos from scratch.
  • Understand industry standard, guidelines, regulation and tattoo treatment protocols.
  • Knowledge on safety, infection control and hygiene.
  • Ready to become self-employed.
  • Opportunity to gain employment in leading tattoo studios.
  • Enhancing basic skills to think more and develop novel artistic skills.
  • Skills required to use tattoo instruments and tools.
  • Improve customer services experience with focus on networking.
  • Confidence to start own business – open a new tattoo studio.
  • Train and guide new comers into tattoo industry.

The basic fast track tattoo refresher course covers the following contents which are in alignment with global industry on learning – Drawing technique, Needle and Color Selection, Machine Selection, Tattooing techniques, Assessing the client, Consultations, Tattooing the best process, Do and Don’ts, Preparing the client for tattooing, Cover up techniques, anatomy of the skin and post treatment care and advice.

Our Tattoo Course in Delhi are unique, simple and effective. Don’t wait, Just connect with us and we will help you in selecting the course post understanding your need. All the best and happy tattooing.

We offer specialized tattoo training courses which are hands on and high quality for both professionals and beginners. We started this journey in offering tattoo courses to address the major issue of inadequate training in tattoo industry in the country. The most interesting part of our training course is offering hands on experience with real body and skin. Under the guidance of our professional artists you will be given numerous opportunity and classes to try real time on tattoo designs and piercing. If you’re looking for getting into tattoo industry quickly, then our short-term bridge courses can help you achieve them. We make this happen through our qualified teachers and industry experts. Our courses focus more on strong basics and other key topics covering – the need for health and hygiene, art designs, versatile and traditional designs, modern designing, anatomy and physiology.

Major benefits of the tattoo courses we offer cover :

  • Customized courses based on the individual skillset and need.
  • Training which is completely on real models post strengthening the basics.
  • Private personalized training giving complete confidence while learning – one to one training.
  • Training in real environment – creating opportunities to make mistake and learn.
  • Learnings on how to use tattoo and piercing tools.
  • Hands on training and guidance on how to handle customers confidently.
  • Awarded with best certificate post completion of the course.
  • Post training follow up, guidance and handholding.

The classes and courses are carefully crafted with an ultimate goal to make all our clients prosper in tattooing sector with specialization, confidence and competency. What we believe is the right way to make tattoo industry grow.

With our course, one could quickly get employment or open up their own business to start making money and servicing customers across ages.

Get in touch with us, to understand more on the courses and modalities to join immediately.

Tattoo Machines and Equipments for Body Art

The coil tattoo machine uses electromagnetic motion to push the needle up and down to pierce the skin. They are easy to use and makes tattooing job easier and convenient for any artists. The coil tattoo machines are designed with perfection and low noise features. The performance of these machines are seamless and offers smooth running. Ideally suited for long and professional tasks ensures high resolution realistic output. Unbelievably low noise with copper threaded running is the excellent feature. An ideal machine to be in the studio and we wouldn’t be surprised if you get surprised with the output. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced professionals.

The most important tool for any tattoo artist is the tattoo needle. The output nature of the tattoo on the body can be easily correlated to the quality or the kind of needle being used while tattooing. A realistic masterpiece of tattoo on the body requires the right and best tattooing needles. Hence choosing the right needles from a reliable supplier is important. Depending on the artwork and ink, the tattoo needles need to be selected. For instance :

  • Magnum needles are best while color packing tattoos art and shading.
  • Flat needles are best for rendering and gradation.
  • Round liner needles are used for dot work.
  • Round shader needles are used for line work.

Using the right technique and appropriate needles can make even the most difficult tattoos to be made simple on human body. Choosing the type and use case of needles is different for different technique and artist. Here are few basics on how to use needles :

  • Choose the best needle configuration (magnum, flats, tights, shader, round shader) for the tattoo design selected.
  • Select the grouping and gauge size based on the shades and lines of the tattoo.

Finally check the needles before you use – are the needles straight, are the needles well soldered, are the needles pre-sterilized and finally is it the right choice for the tattoo style intended to be done.

Tips, tubes and grips are the key elements in every tattoo studio and artist toolbox. Getting the perfect set of tubes, grips and tips is key for best creative tattoos. Here are key aspects of these core elements :

  • Tips generally comes in 3 styles – diamond tips, round tips and flat tips. Having all three tips in tool kit will definitely help the tattoo artist.
  • Tubes comes in two types - autoclavable & disposable Tattoo Tubes. Disposable ones are best for freelancers.
  • Finally tattoo grips are available in variety of shapes and texture. The best is to choose rubber or silicone grip.

Getting a standard tattoo tips, tubes and grips is essential addition to your studio.

On the side of steel are the best option available in market to build tattoo machine. They ensure non slip and offers stable performance while doing tattooing sessions. The side of steel plates are made of high quality stainless steel and can be fit with any sized tattoo machine. Easy to clean and use, the side of steel offer better grip, lightweight and easy to carry. Used by studios across the world, the side of steel is a key feature in any tattoo studio.

The best part in using a disposable tube is that customers feel the confidence that the tubes are not tampered in any conditions. Generally, sterilization is the key in tattoo industry, but with a disposable tube, the beauty is that these tubes have been pre-sterilized and pre-packaged individually. The following are the key pros :

  • Disposable tubes are reasonable and inexpensive. They are cheap and can be bought in bulk easily.
  • Easy disposal, the tubes can be discarded easily and safely.
  • Disposable tubes are easy while handling white inks since they don’t create any friction.

Finally, disposable tubes are convenient for on the go use.

Disposable tubes come with following disadvantages :

  • Issue of quality is the first con – unlike the stainless and metal tube, the disposable tube is made of plastic which has issues of quality.
  • Weight less- since the disposable tubes are of light weight, the artists find it difficult to control precisions.
  • Unwanted sound – the disposable tubes comes with noisy and different sound while in use, unlike the stainless steel tube. In most cases this can be annoying to artists.
  • Occupy more space – the disposable tube comes with pre-packaged order making it use more space in studios.

Finally, the disposable tube is not rigid and appears ordinary.

Modern tattoo inks are safe and contain pigment which is less prone to fading and risks. The diversity of ink colors, brands and features offer great choice to tattoo artists’ to come out with vibrant and realistic art work. Depending on the tattoo style, skin color and the output, the tattoo inks differ.

  • Dark black tattoo ink – common and used across all tattoo types and styles.
  • White tattoo ink is mostly used for setting highlights and bringing more dimensions to tattoos.
  • UK ink – these inks are great for enhancing a tattoo in the darkness, adding another dimension to tattooing industry today.

Tattooing is not something new; it was invented in different parts of the world with vast history. It is from this history and experience that different styles and techniques have featured. The 4 key methods of tattooing common today are – machine tattooing, metal tube, bamboo handle and rake and striking stick. In addition, the common types or styles of tattooing include – black and grey, classic, Japanese, American, flash design, freehand tattoos, old school, new school, tribal, neo and much more. Today the most relevant method is the western model of using a machine tool. The whole machine here is controlled by a pedal and needle offering unique patterns and art work.

Tattooing is the only art which requires a lot of precision. Hence having a reliable power supply is the key for a perfect tattooing. While choosing the right power supply, a huge variety of features need to be taken into consideration covering :

  • Right voltage: Tattoo power suppliers come with wide range of voltage from as low as 3 to as high as 12, 15 and 20.
  • Right type of supply : Depending on the type of power choose analog or digital power supplies.
  • Focus on fluctuations based on machines used – for example coil tattoo machine or rotary machine.

Today, tattoo clip cords comes with unmatchable durability and flexibility. Whether one runs the RCA or traditional clip cord, the performance is maximum with guaranteed safety. The cords can be easily operated by just inserting the RCA plug into the tattoo machine. In addition, the clip cords are suitable for most tattoo power supplies. The cords are made with high-quality silicone material and can be stretched for long hours. The silicone wire reduces wire tangle and is extremely lightweight. This nature with flexibility of the clip cord makes it ideal for all tattoo sessions.

The most essential tool in any tattoo studio is the Food Paddle. Having a high-performance foot paddle plays a vital role in a complete tattooing session. The importance of the foot paddle is to control the tattoo machine with ease. The vertical movement of the needle and the other key movements during a body art is solely controlled by the Foot Paddle. Available in different shapes and design, the foot paddle are rigid, easy to turn on/off and 360 degree rotation for footswitch. Besides continuous operation, the foot pedal ensures foremost responsibility which is to work smoothly during a tattooing session.